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At Myrtle Beach Orthodontics, we provide multiple retainer options to best fit your needs and budget. Ask us about our traditional, Vivera, and bonded treatment options.


Retainers are appliances that are designed to hold your teeth in place after your orthodontic treatment has finished. We provide traditional, Vivera, and bonded retainer treatment options.

Traditional Retainers

The traditional retainer, that most people think about when they think of braces, is the Hawley retainer. It is made of an acrylic base and a wire framework and covers the roof of your mouth.

If a patient is a teeth grinder, we can customize your retainer by adding a nightguard to it.

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Vivera Retainers (clear slip-over)

Vivera retainers are clear retainers that fully cover teeth and don’t cover the roof of the mouth. Vivera retainers come to you as a set of 4 retainer (each set is a top and bottom retainer)so you’ll always have a back-up if you lose one. We make these retainers through digital scanning, not impressions.

Some patients find the Vivera retainer much more comfortable than a traditional retainer that does cover the roof of the mouth.

Bonded Retainers

A bonded retainer is a small metal wire attached to your lower front teeth. Usually the lower teeth are the first to relapse after orthodontic treatment. This retainer option makes it easy; no forgetting to put your retainer in.