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for Children

Orthodontics is for all ages. In fact, our current patients range in age from 8 to 82.

Interceptive Care

Parents, we know that your child’s signs that he or she needs orthodontic treatment are not always obvious.

Typical indicators that you should visit an orthodontist include, but are not limited to:

  • the early or late loss of teeth
  • chewing difficulty
  • mouth-breathing
  • finger sucking
  • teeth crowding/misalignment; or
  • jaw alignment.

Our initial exams are no-charge. We recommend that a child receive his or her first orthodontic examination by the age of seven.

Early diagnosis and treatment can correct small problems before they become big problems. In many cases, early diagnosis and treatment can help to avoid more extensive treatment in the future, years after the jaw and face have developed. Multi-phase, early interceptive treatment is not always necessary, but we will recommended this when early treatment can benefit your child.

We believe that cost and total treatment time should be kept to the minimum required to get the best results. We will not recommend early treatment if the same result can be achieved during the teen years.

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Whedon Family

The doctors and staff have been exceptional in treating two of our kids. They have been friendly calm and patient during what could have been stressful times. Hats off and highly recommended.